Single or multiple tooltips can be displayed on any element and element part, or even user-defined areas.

Instead of creating System.Windows.Forms.ToolTip component and attaching it to the Better ListView, every type of element has a ToolTips property holding a collection of tooltip data. Actual tooltips are then shown using the internal mechanism of Better ListView.

To display automatic or custom toolips, at least one of the following properties should be set to true:

Automatic Tooltips

Better ListView can show tooltips automatically when text of a certain element (item, sub-item, column header, group) is not fully visible:

To activate automatic tooltips, set one of the following properties to true:

Simple Tooltips

To set tooltip on some element, simply add a new BetterListViewToolTipInfo instance into its ToolTips collection:


item.ToolTips.Add("An item tooltip!");

Visual Basic

item.ToolTips.Add("An item tooltip!")

The ToolTips collection contains entries of type BetterListViewToolTipInfo. It is, however, possible to add jsut string values, because there is an implicit conversion defined. This way you are able to set tooltip for the whole control:


listView.ToolTipInfo = "Tooltip on Better ListView.";

Visual Basic

listView.ToolTipInfo = "Tooltip on Better ListView."

Tooltip Options

Every tooltip is described by a BetterListViewToolTipInfo. This structure holds all the settings of the original System.Windows.Forms.ToolTip and some additional ones. These are:

With such settings, one can generate a tooltip like this:

Tooltip Locations

BetterListViewTooltipInfo.Location has these possible values:

As you can see, these values depends on context of the tooltip.

To set tooltip on custom location, use the following construct:


columnHeader.ToolTips.Add(new BetterListViewToolTipInfo(
    new Rectangle(0, 0, 16, 16),
    "Tooltip on custom location"));

Visual Basic

columnHeader.ToolTips.Add(New BetterListViewToolTipInfo(
    New Rectangle(0, 0, 16, 16),
    "Tooltip on custom location"))

This will create tooltip on the 16-pixel top-left corner of a column header.

Owner-Drawn Tooltips

Tooltips can be further customized with owner drawing. For such case, tooltip has to be marked as owner-drawn (by setting BetterListViewToolTipInfo.ToolTipOwnerDraw to true) and BetterListView.DrawToolTip event has to be handled. Here is an example of such tooltip:

Tooltip for The Whole Control

To display tooltip attached to the Better ListView control itself (not on any element), use BetterListView.ToolTipInfo property.

This tooltip will be displayed when mouse cursor hovers over blank area of the control.

Sample Source Code



// create item with two tooltips
BetterListViewItem item = new BetterListViewItem();

item.Text = "Item with tooltips on itself and on text.";

// add tooltip on item area
item.ToolTips.Add(new BetterListViewToolTipInfo(BetterListViewToolTipLocation.Client, "Tooltip on item area"));
// add tooltip on item text area
item.ToolTips.Add(new BetterListViewToolTipInfo(BetterListViewToolTipLocation.Text, "Tooltip on item text"));

// add the item

// enable ToolTips feature
this.listView.ShowToolTips = true;


Visual Basic


' create item with two tooltips
Dim item As New BetterListViewItem()

item.Text = "Item with tooltips on itself and on text."

' add tooltip on item area
item.ToolTips.Add (New BetterListViewToolTipInfo (BetterListViewToolTipLocation.Client, "Tooltip on item area"))
' add tooltip on item text area
item.ToolTips.Add (New BetterListViewToolTipInfo (BetterListViewToolTipLocation.Text, "Tooltip on item text"))

' add the item
ListView.Items.Add (item)

' enable ToolTips feature
ListView.ShowToolTips = True