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Activation issues and how to solve them

Dear Readers,
Periodically we get emails from users having problems with the activation. So we put together a check list on how to deal with the most frequent issues. In case these fixes do not help you solve your problem, please contact contact support at support@componentowl.com and we will be happy to help you out.
Below, you will find some obstacles we have stumbled across in the past.

  1. Try to rebuild the project/solution
  2. Restart Visual Studio if rebuilding the solution did not stop the nag screen
  3. If you use Better ListView in a Class Library project, it should be referenced and activated in both, the main project and the Class Library project.
  4. Do the main project (executable) and all referenced projects contain the licenses.licx file within the Properties folder? If not, rebuild the main project (executable) and copy the licenses.licx file to the appropriate location in all referenced projects (Class Library or other executables).
  5. The licenses.licx file should contain only a single reference to Better ListView with the current version number (e.g. ComponentOwl.BetterListView.BetterListView, BetterListView, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e6c91a3add447be2). If there are more lines referencing Better ListView, remove the obsolete ones. You can also delete the licenses.licx file and rebuild the project to regenerate it.
  6. Run the Activator application (installed along with the product) and check if it displays a valid license (license info should be displayed in green).
  7. You can try to finish the activation via the Activator app and then rebuild the main project. The Activator allows custom proxy settings for activation from behind a web proxy (often present in corporate environments).
  8. Check, if the license-blv.dat file is present in the “C:\ProgramData\Component Owl\” folder after activation. If not, please contact support at support@componentowl.com
  9. Check, if your projects reference the same version of Better ListView as the one that is installed. Open the „Reference Properties“ window by right clicking on Better ListView reference in the Solution Explorer. Then check if there is a Specific Version property set to true. If so, remove the reference and add a new reference to Better ListView with the correct version. You can also just set Specific Version property to false.
  10. The Better ListView has to be activated on each machine where it is built. Do not copy the license-blv.dat file because this is specific to each machine. Rather follow the activation process on each machine.

We hope these clues can help you, in case you encounter a problem during the activation. As mentioned before, please contact support, if the issues persist.

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