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Better ListView 2.10 released

A new version with major improvements, optimizations and fixes has been released! It addresses many suggestions provided by you, our valued customers.

Improved Performance

We put a considerable effort into optimizing Better ListView 2 to provide advanced features (e.g. hierarchical and multi-line items, collapsible groups) while still being swift and responsive.

The overall performance has greatly improved. Better ListView 2.1 can easily handle 10.000 items while still being very fast. The parts where improvements are best seen are:

  • Adding many items to the list
  • Expanding/collapsing of hierarchical items
  • Resizing a column
We also added new options in the Performance property group, so you can easily switch between fast and powerful options.

Samples in both C# and Visual Basic

We added easy to understand samples for both C# and Visual Basic.

You can simply follow a link from start menu to open the Visual Studio project for your favourite language, and play with all the features of Better ListView.

C# and VB Samples projects in Solution Explorer

C# and VB Samples projects in Solution Explorer


Extended Documentation

We added a Quick Start Tutorial to help you with setup, activation and integration of Better ListView in your projects, as well as many entirely new chapters in the documentation.

All code samples are from now on provided in both C# and Visual Basic to be easy to understand to both C# and VB.net developers.

Smoother migration from .NET ListView to Better ListView

Better ListView now contains all the constructor/method overloads and properties of the regular .NET ListView, so that for each member of .NET ListView there is an easily discoverable equivalent in Better ListView.

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