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How to Change List View Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed

Did you know that you can change the mouse wheel scroll speed of Better ListView?

Better ListView has property MouseWheelScrollExtent which is defined as “relative number of items to scroll for a single mouse wheel detent“.

What does it mean? Well, it basically defines by how many items will the list view scroll when you move the mouse wheel up or down. The default value of this property in version 1.51 is 2, so whenever you scroll up or down with your mouse wheel, the list view will move two items up or down.

You can set the MouseWheelScrollExtent to a larger value for faster scrolling, just like this:

BetterListView.MouseWheelScrollExtent := 3;

Now, every time you scroll, the list view will move by 3 items (which is similar to Windows Explorer, which usually moves by 3 items in the Details view).

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