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What we are working on: Groups, Item hierarchy support

We are currently working on another major upgrade of our list view control for .net. This update should be released in less than 30 days.

It will contain two new major features: Excellent item grouping support, and support of simple hierarchical structure in the details view (collapsible list view items).

Better list view groups

Better ListView does not support grouping in the current version 1.50. However, this new upgrade will add excellent grouping support. The groups in Better ListView will be much more powerful and flexible than the groups in the regular .net list view. The groups will:

  • Support collapse/expand
  • Support checkboxes (3-state)
  • Support their own images
  • Support their own tooltips
  • Be selectable
  • Support custom fonts
  • Support their own custom context menu

Item hierarchy of list view items

The new version of Better ListView will also support easy to use tree-like item hierarchy. You will be able to simply set parent of any list item, and thus create a simple tree in the details view of the list view control.

  • All parent items will support collapse/expand
  • All parent items will have configurable checkbox (so you can show or hide it for each item)

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