Quick Summary

Better Thumbnail Browser is a WinForms control for displaying and loading (mostly) image thumbnails. The control is written from scratch entirely in C#.

Better Thumbnail Browser inherits from a successful and mature Better ListView control.

Viewing and loading image thumbnails can be a sophisticated task, so this control is designed to do these things for you:

It has been designed to completely replace the regular .NET list view control, and it comes with many additional features, improvements and better native look and feel (including Aero support).




Because Better Thumbnail Browser is written entirely from scratch in pure managed code, it adds functionality hardly achievable by just wrapping the regular .NET WinForms control. Such features include image thumbnails, data binding, multi-line items ... and more!

The Better Thumbnail Browser source code consists of a single C# project without any external dependencies, it is clean, readable, fully commented and readily extensible.

You can save time with many of the inbuilt features (sorting, item reordering...).